How Reducing the Website Bounce Rate Increases the Conversion

How Reducing the Website Bounce Rate Increases the Conversion

The true goal of a web site is to induce conversions, generate sales and recurring users. Attracting traffic isn't enough if the visitor doesn't perform these actions and leaves the location with none interaction. during this case it's necessary to investigate what's failing and optimize the location to scale back the bounce rate.

Reducing the Website Bounce Rate Increases the Conversion
How Reducing the Website Bounce Rate Increases the Conversion

What is website bounce rate? It refers to the share of visitors that gain a site and withdraw rapidly, without exploring, browsing or consuming the content. Steps to scale back the bounce rate If your site receives visits but doesn't stay long enough or doesn't take action, it's going to be because you're attracting unqualified leads otherwise you haven't managed to deliver the correct content, presented within the way your ideal customer expects.

1. Analyze your content

Through Google Analytics, it identifies the content with the very best traffic and also the one that generates the foremost conversions. you may probably find that it's not the identical. Analyze the sort of content that motivates users to convert because that is what is attracting leads. As for content with plenty of traffic, try and optimize it in such the way that you simply encourage users to act. Reviewing the foremost popular searches within the location is useful to spot why users visit you and what they need to search out.

2. Improve user experience

One important reason why a web site bounce rate is high is because of poor design and structure. The site must be intuitive , that the visitor doesn't take long to know how it works, with a visual and clear menu. Text must be digestible, inviting to read, with short paragraphs and phrases, bullet points, bold letters to focus on compelling key ideas, titles and subtitles. the pictures or videos are of great help to retain the general public. Due to the rise within the use of mobile devices, nowadays any site must be mobile responsive but not only that: the download speed is important. 53% of holiday makers leave the location if it takes quite 3 seconds to download. There are two forms of bounce: one that after 15 seconds of being on your site goes away and one that reads a piece from start to complete but also goes away within the end. Perhaps within the second case, the user resolved their doubts and left, but by not interacting, it's also considered as a bounce rate. Including links within the content to other pages of the location is very important to encourage the user to navigate within it.

3. Make them not forget you

Don't quit on those visitors you could not convert, use re-marketing on social media and show ads targeted to their interests and with offers that are hard to refuse, like a free webinar or exclusive video. Then direct the user to a beautiful landing page that convinces them to finish the subscription. Use re-marketing on page to steer the user before leaving. for instance, a pop-up offering free content if they leave your name and email address. Getting a lead this manner will avoid extra expenses for ads on social networks.

4. Offer interesting subscriptions

After carefully analyzing the interests of your visitors, offer a present that's relevant and attractive enough to be willing to supply their data. Exclusive content like an eBook, a webinar, whitepaper, etc. this manner you may get a lead that you simply mustn't lose track of.

5. Nurture your subscribers to show them into customers

Once you have got an inventory of subscribers, segment them in step with their place within the sales funnel to send content that's in step with the stage they're in. Remember that a beautiful and personalized title is important for your result in have an interest in opening the e-mail. Similarly, the content of the e-mail must be persuasive enough to induce action. Analyze the results of your email campaigns to spot people who perform best. Bottom line: to scale back a website's bounce rate you wish to draw in the correct audience, deliver an excellent user experience, and motivate conversion with engaging content. Subsequently nurture the lead until it's ready for purchase.
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