Turn Facebook Prospects Into Customers

Consumers use Social Networks to search for information about products and services, due to the immediacy with which they can communicate with brands and the interaction they manage to establish with other users to learn about their experience with these companies.

Turn Facebook Prospects Into Customers

In this scenario, Facebook continues to play an important role, because it is one of the most visited channels, especially through mobile devices. Today, more than 90% of users review this social network via cell phone, so if you want to know how to get more customers on Facebook, do not hesitate to put your digital marketing campaign into action by this means.

Why should you use ads on Facebook?
Ad strategies on Facebook will be beneficial to get more customers, due to the ease with which consumers can interact with them. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Facebook ads can be optimized for mobile . This means that forms can be pre-loaded to be filled out at any time, even when users are on the move.
The forms are short and easy to fill out, so the probability of completing and submitting them is much higher.

Communication with customers is faster and more effective. Having left their data, it means that users are interested in receiving information about your product or service.
Forms can be customized to collect specific information. This can be implemented according to the purpose of your campaign or the type of product or service being promoted.
Ads can be adapted to any purpose, not just conversion of potential customers. They can be for users to subscribe to newsletters, to learn about the customer experience using a product, or as part of a promotional strategy.
Steps to get more customers on Facebook
Once the benefits of the ads are analyzed, we present 6 steps to convert Facebook leaflets , which will undoubtedly help you get more out of this social platform.

1. Give users a reason to complete your forms

Few people share personal information without receiving something in return. For this reason, it is important that, before launching your ad, you are clear that you will give users to fill out your form. They can be access to an event, a discount code, free content, or a free quote. Everything will depend on your business's turn.

2. Determine what information you need

If you want your potential customers to complete the forms, you must select the least amount of data fields possible. For this reason, it is important that you choose very well those who will give you the information you need. Facebook has a variety of options such as email, first and last name, telephone number, city, marital status, among others.

3. Customize your questions

If you want to convert Facebook leaflets, be sure to customize the questions on your forms. This will serve to request much more specific information according to your campaign objectives.

4. Choose your audience

In case you already have the profile of your potential client, segment the audience in your ads so that they only reach those of greatest interest to you. If you decide to choose another type of consumer you can also do it, or even select the profile of people who have already shown interest in your brand.

For this, Facebook gives you the possibility to create personalized audiences from client files or through interactions in the same social network. On the contrary, if you only want to create a new consumer, you can segment it based on location, age, gender, language, etc.

5. Verify the information

To reduce typographical errors, add an additional page on the forms that allows your potential client to verify the information they have just provided. In this way, you will have the opportunity to correct and send the form with the requested data.

6. Add a thank you message

Once the form has been submitted, customize a thank you message to the user. This will make you feel taken into account by the brand and feel interest in continuing to seek information about it. You can add text that invites you to learn more about your products or some other Action Button.

Now that you know how to get more customers on Facebook, you will be able to reach a much more valuable audience that will help you reach your goals as a brand.
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