3 modifications to make money with Google ads

Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the indispensable tools for any business that seeks to position itself in the market through a digital marketing strategy and make these advertising campaigns profitable, that is, they provide economic benefits for this instead of causing losses.

However, some businesses do not know which way to go once they have created their Google Ads account and, worse still, they are unaware of the various changes notices from Google. To make the most of this platform, you must first have a specific goal of what you want to achieve with your advertising , conducting a detailed market research and looking at the historical data of your account (if previously used).

3 modifications to make money with Google ads

You should also be ready to make the necessary adjustments to your goals according to the performance of your account, identifying the areas of opportunity that may be presented to you. Now, we mention the 3 modifications Google ads that you need to follow in order for your business to start making profits.

1. The data is your guide: Follow them!

One of the biggest ads modifications that you should keep in mind is the Google Ads keyword planner . With this, you can get valuable information to start with the right foot in your marketing strategy if you just created your account, as it allows you to know an approximate keyword search volume and average cost per click (CPC).

On the other hand, if you already have time using your account, it is only a matter of analyzing your history to know what is working and what needs to be modified. Therefore, consider examining your performance meters (KPI's) in detail to better define your objectives and reformulate the strategies to achieve them. For example.

Ad position - From this you can determine the ranking of your ad to improve its impact, getting relevant information about its quality, offer, landing page and keyword functionality.
Impression share (IS) - By comparing the impressions your ad receives with that of others and the impressions it could get, it allows you to understand how many people it would be reaching if you increase your budget.
Average cost per click (CPC) - With CPC you know how much you are investing in each ad reached, giving you the opportunity to redefine costs, either to minimize or increase them.
Conversions and Conversion Tracking - These are all interactions that somehow give value to the business. In itself, the actions carried out by visitors are very helpful, from registering on the website, submitting a form, to contacting a physical store. With this, it will be easier for you to focus on the ads that are performing well, grow them and redouble their efforts.

2. Adapt

You should contemplate that your ads can work better during one season and in another you find problems. So stay focused on the changes you see in the traffic of your ads, as well as a look at the data of your historical past to face all problems and be able to adapt your goals.

If in a certain case you are witnessing a bad performance in your cost-per-click search ads during a certain time, then you better not focus all your efforts on this and use that budget in Ads modifications for display ads .

In this way, your business will not fail to have a presence in the digital world and you will generate notoriety in potential customers. You may feel that your investment is not generating profits instantly, but to some extent it will help you expand your client portfolio in the long term.

3. Stay competitively

If to make money you have to make sales and your ads are not generating what you expect, then you can improve the performance of your products or services with Shopping ads , another of the changes notices of Google.

With this, you can promote your inventory among users who are looking for your product online, where users can see a "Buy now" message that will drive them into action and thus increase sales. In addition, with the great opportunity to save money if users decide to buy from your business over those of your competition. Thanks to this tool you can find potential customers and increase traffic on your page by putting them at your fingertips.

Consider these modifications Google ads to have advertising campaigns that allow your business to make great profits, taking advantage of the great Google Ads tools.
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