SEO Functions - Need to be Reviewed Regularly

very website needs regular maintenance so that its functions remain optimal. Leaving it without attention can generate a negative impact on the SEO organic positioning, and on the objectives for which it was designed, since these usually present constant changes as time goes by and we are updating it: the pages move or are removed; the images are replaced; or external resources disappear.

In this scenario, performing performance tests and maintenance tasks quarterly is the best decision to keep the functionalities of the pages active. Proactive management and the implementation of appropriate professional SEO techniques will be a clear advantage over competitors.

Importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in digital marketing

Here are some of the points you should not miss to ensure the good work of your website and your SEO strategy for professionals.

1. Test the loading speed

A website that has a slow load negatively impacts the user experience . If it is not evaluated and diagnosed to optimize it, the probability that users leave it is very high. Without a doubt, this will not only affect the organic SEO positioning, but also the attraction and conversion of customers.

The Google Page Speed   tool can be used to check the loading speed of a web page, which, in addition to evaluating the loading time, also provides practical recommendations on how to improve it.

2. Review and produce quality content

To continue with professional SEO techniques, you need to review the content you published some time ago and identify those that are already obsolete . This will serve to eliminate them and redirect the URL to pages with relevant and quality information that is still on your website.

You can also opt to rewrite the text, but this time with new information and images and links to more current external pages.

3. Repair broken links

One of the factors that negatively affect the SEO positioning of a web page is broken links, hence the importance of locating them and taking urgent measures to edit or delete them. Ideally, get tools that automate the repair process so it doesn't take longer than expected, as this can get complicated if you have a website with many pages and external links.

Among the options to remove damaged links is the Google Webmaster tool , which allows you to check, correct or delete links that no longer serve, to optimize the website and improve SEO.

4. Update WordPress plugins

If your website is built in WordPress, you should update its add-ons regularly so that they do not stop working properly, especially because the templates usually include CSS and JavaScript files, or sources such as FontAwesome or Ionic Icons. Failure to do so is likely to decrease the page navigation speed, and also the image of the site will change.

To avoid the above, it is necessary to update the latest versions and check if the creator has maintained the required quality standards. It is also advisable to evaluate whether these complementary elements are necessary or not, to decide whether to eliminate them. This will not only speed up the loading of the site, but also contribute to maintaining the security of the page.

5. Test design functionality in major browsers and mobile devices

As part of SEO skills, it is important to check that the website design is maintained as you want it. This means that if you make modifications to some sections, you should check that no other part of the site has been affected.

In the event that a page undergoes unnoticed changes, it may decrease its performance and impair the generation of web traffic . Therefore, it is important that you browse through each section to be sure that none has been altered and still maintains the image you want.

On the other hand, the use of add-ons for browsers will give you extra functionalities that will allow you to read the files of your website without problem. Currently we can find a multitude of plugins for free that can be installed in a few seconds to evaluate the pages in a total way: JavaScript, CSS, among others.


To achieve good website performance and quality organic positioning, regular maintenance with SEO techniques for professionals must be applied. SEO skills are necessary if we want to get the most out of our pages, preventing failures that can prevent us from reaching the objectives we are looking for.
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