Symptoms and precautions of heart diseases

Not every chest pain, heart attack, however, should not be ignored. In addition, the symptoms of heart disease can be in addition to chest pain such as irritation in the chest, muscle tension etc. Not only in our country but in developed countries, heart diseases are common and 40% of deaths in the United States are caused by heart disease. That's why we need to know about it and take precautionary measures.

Precautions of heart diseases

Healthy heart

A healthy heart is related to your age, so it is important to take care of it according to your age. The most important thing is to have good diet, regular lightweight exercise and regular life. In addition to the restriction of sleeping and waking hours, positive thinking is essential.

The most important thing about diet is to burn calories you eat, and avoid overeating. In addition, your diet should be balanced, in which all ingredients, including carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and salts, are found in the right amount. Avoid the use of non-standard foods, high salt and sugar.

Common heart diseases

Common cardiovascular diseases include irregular heartbeat, rheumatic heart disease (permanent heart disease), heart valve diseases such as congestion, leakage or closure, hypertension, heart To increase the size of the muscle and thicken the muscles of the forearm.

Common Heart Diseases

Causes and precautions of cardiovascular diseases

The causes of angina and heart attack are almost identical. There are few aspects of coronary artery disease or angina that the doctor cannot help you with. The first of these diseases is already present in your family and the second is that you are male. ۔ The third thing you can do in this regard is to increase your risk of developing the disease. There are a number of factors that contribute to the disease, such as diabetes, smoking, cholesterol overuse, irregular exercise or not at all. Being a diet, eating fruits and vegetables in the diet, blood pressure, mental stress, recreational fun and obesity, etc. The symptoms of heart failure are different, as it always happens after a heart attack. These include heart failure, heart attack, hypertension for a very long time and no cure, heart muscle uptake or rupture of the heart valve or tightening.

Differences in Heart Attack, Heart Failure and Enzymes

The heart is always functioning in our body and it fulfills its needs through the blood that comes through the arteries of the heart. These are called coronary arteries. Over time, the fat contained in the blood begins to accumulate in the arteries causing them to tighten. When this tightness increases by more than 50 or 60%, blood begins to become obstructed. In this case, when performing any physical or mental activity like exercise, there is a feeling of discomfort in the chest. This pain is called "angina" in medical term. When the vein is completely closed and blood is not completely gone. This is called a "heart attack". Similarly, when the heart stops pumping blood for some reason, this condition is interpreted as heart failure.

Differences in symptoms of angina, heart attack and heart failure

In the case of angina, chest pain is a manifestation of pain. This pain is in the central part of the chest, the duration of which is neither fixed nor the time of its occurrence. It recovers from pain, difficulty working or mental depression and rest or fatigue. Heart attack is actually called a high-intensity condition of the angina because it has a blood vessel due to artery closure. Flow is affected. The pain is unbearably severe. It also causes symptoms such as vomiting and nausea, sweating of the body throughout the sweat, pain in the hands, neck and jaws, etc. - The duration of the common pain. Half an hour to an hour. Some of the heart failure patients do not have many of these symptoms. Some of the major symptoms such as shortness of breath, lack of endurance (they could not work as much as they used to do before), swollen feet, waking up in the night as if breathing stopped. ۔

Causes of heart diseases in youth

Among the major causes of developing heart diseases among young people are their lack of a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, lack of regular exercise, smoking, diabetes and obesity. In South Asia, heart disease is more prevalent in other countries than in other countries.

Big heart

Increased heart rate occurs after heart failure and heart attack. When the heart is unable to properly pump blood, it begins to increase in size due to excessive stress.

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