How To Make A Blog And Make Money With It [Practical Guide]

How To Make A Blog And Make Money With It [Practical Guide]

There are many ways to make money online. Blogging is just one of them. In this practical guide I show you how to make a blog for free and how to make money from blogging as a professional.
If you've ever wondered: How could I make money using the blog I have? to know that you are not alone. Millions of people who have blogs are interested in getting the answer to this question.

Is it difficult to make a blog?
No, it is not. Anyone can do it. There is even the possibility to make one for free.

And since it's so simple and not expensive, there are many who choose the blog as a way to make money on the internet.

Do you find yourself in this story?

The idea of becoming a blogger seemed great. Who would not want to work anywhere they want, whenever they want and be able to maintain themselves in this way?

The big day came too: I bought my first website and I became a "blogger with regular papers".

After I decided on what to write, I started with the enthusiasm to write article after article. I wrote and I wrote ... but the money didn't start coming.

Make money from blog

My enthusiasm went as fast as it came.

My effort seemed in vain.

I could not make my blog known, increase my number of visitors ...

What more ... in a short time I became disappointed with my entrepreneurial initiative. I gave up. Maybe blogging is not for me ... ”

This is how a friend of mine told me when we met in the park.

And unfortunately, this story is repeated in more than 90% of cases.

New bloggers do not have the patience to continue their work until they achieve success on the market niche they have chosen. All these people who get beat up easily end up saying that you can't make money with your blog. But this is not true at all.

Making a blog is not difficult. It doesn't cost you much money, but it costs you time. And if you want to create a popular blog I tell you from the head of the place that it is worth it; deserves to be tipped and stuffed.

Yes it is. You can earn money with him if you really want to.

There are a lot of successful people who have built an online business around their blog, whose work has been recognized in newspapers and on TV (Examples: Florin Rosoga, Andy Szekely, Zoso (Vali Petcu), Geanina Staicu -Avram (Jamila), Lorand Soares Szasz).

And if they succeed, you can certainly. It is important to show enough perseverance and be willing to devote the time necessary for this activity, so that this business becomes profitable for you.

In conclusion, creating a blog is a profitable business idea, which can be started from home, requiring only a computer and a net connection.

That being said, I will continue to show you ...

How to make a blog step by step and make money from it
Here are the steps that every new blogger has to take, from the idea stage, to creating a blog and earning the first money:

Make money from blog

STEP 1: Choose your blog niche

When you want to start making money from your blog, the first step is to decide which market niche your blog will address.

What is a niche?

We can describe the market niche as a certain group of people who have a common interest.

When you decide on the niche, make sure it is profitable, meaning you can make money from it.

Also, you must have knowledge of the subject in order to write the articles.

It is good to be passionate about that subject.

Imagine having to write for months about a topic that doesn't interest you and doesn't please you. Apart from the fact that it will be a real pain and you will most likely end up giving up, the fact that you do not deal with that subject with passion will be seen in the articles you write.

If you choose to write about one of your passions, surely you already have enough information on that topic, which will help you gain your first loyal readers and in time will ensure the success of your blog.

Before you start blogging, you need to know as much about the market niche you want to enter. See what other blogs and specialized sites are on the internet, how old they are and how successful they are at what they do, to form an impression on the number of sites you will compete with.

This is the first step, when you decide to start a blog and it is a very important one, so do not treat it superficially.

A well-chosen market niche will make your blog become more popular in a shorter time and can help you achieve success faster.

About this topic I wrote extensively in the article about choosing a profitable niche for the blog. By clicking on this link you will find 3 examples of niches that have proven their profitability over time and with which you can go "for sure".

STEP 2: Choose your blog name

Choosing a blog name is always a difficult decision.

Which blog name to choose? To invent it? Where can you get your inspiration from? Which of the variants did you think of is the best?

As I said ... a decision not easy at all. And things get even more difficult when you realize that whatever you do, you cannot skip this stage. You need to choose a blog name so you can create it and start writing articles on it.

And because it's such an important topic, I dedicated a separate article + a podcast. So, I invite you to read and listen to the information here: how to choose a blog name.

STEP 3: Choose the platform on which to make your blog

In general, blogs are made on the WordPress platform. But not only blogs, but also presentation sites.

At present, 27% of existing websites are built using WordPress. The blog you are on now has been created on WordPress, just like the other sites I own.

So, yes, I strongly recommend you to use WordPress. Using this platform you can create a site exactly as you want it because there are a lot of WordPress plugins and themes on the market (both free and paid - premium) that can help you create your dream site.

Okay. You will use WordPress. What do you have to do next?

STEP 4: Choosing web hosting (hosting)

Your site (Blog) can be made using your own domain name (in which case you have to buy the domain name and web hosting, which means a small annual cost) or it can be created free on the platform (case in which you must not pay neither the domain name nor the web hosting).

What version do you recommend? Obviously the FIRST variant. I will also give you some arguments in the podcast I have prepared below. 😉

CONCLUSION: If you are serious about making money from the blog you will create, then consider the cost of domain name and web hosting as an investment in your online business.

How much does it cost you?
a .ro domain name costs around 40 lei / year
Web hosting at our company costs 110 lei / year and you receive 4 GB of space (that is more than enough to write any articles you want on your blog). If you want to collaborate with us, we install your Free WordPress on your site. See details of our offer in STEP 6.

STEP 5: Purchase the domain name

Assuming you went for the version I use and recommend it: buying a domain name for yourself, below I will show you how you can verify if the domain name you have thought of buying is AVAILABLE.

Yeah, you heard that right. There is a high likelihood that the domain name you thought you would purchase would have already been taken by someone else.

And this probability increases significantly if the variant of site name you have chosen contains keywords. If you chose an invented name or your name (BRAND), the likelihood that someone else has already chosen that site name is considerably lower.

So, think about 2-3 site names, in order not to be put in a difficult situation in case the first version you thought of is already taken.

Then, to check the availability of your blog name, go to and write the name you want your blog to have.

If the .ro version is available, choose it. If not, go for the variants: .com, .net or .org because they are the most used ones.

Now that you've identified the domain name available, you know what to do: buy it and let's move on to the next step.

STEP 6: Install WordPress on your site

Because the domain name you bought appears online, you must buy web hosting services, as I told you in step 4.

Once you've done that, you have one more step to do before you start writing articles on your blog: install your WordPress.

Don't you know the technical issues?

STEP 7: Choosing the site design

Ready. Finally. You can start writing articles on your blog. Yupiiii!

And you write an article. Write 2 articles. You add more to the settings in the site interface ... but things don't look the way you wanted them to. You would want to look at your blog in a different way.

Make money with blog

Do you feel that?

Do not worry. Everyone goes through this stage. You are not alone. 🙂

This is because your site needs a makeover after it's created.

It's absolutely necessary? Not.

Will it help you differentiate your site from your competitors this "makeover"?

Yes. Surely..

You see ... as we choose clothes according to fashion, or according to certain favorites when we want to leave the house, so does our blog.

Yes, it is ours. We keep it even though it is small and thin (it is only a few days old and only 2-3 articles written on it). But ... if he looked a little better, maybe we would love him even more and we would be even more pleased to write articles on him.


This is why, although it is not imperative at first, I recommend that you think about how you want your site to look.

And when I say how your site looks, I mean not only the creation of a professional design, the creation of a logo, but also the way of writing your articles.

In this regard, I wrote an article full of useful tricks that will definitely help you. You can find it here: how to make your blog look professional.

STEP 8: Write quality content

You need to write quality content that your blog visitors find useful and to share with their friends with pleasure through social networking sites.

About some techniques that help you write quality content, you can read here:

Learn to tell stories - it's for the good of your business
How to write an article that attracts attention
7 ways to get many readers for your articles
In time, you will write many posts on your blog. Some of them, the most successful, will continue to be among the most read, while others will not receive any attention from your readers. If the information is quality, then you can turn this disadvantage into an advantage.

Make money with blog

First of all, make sure that all your posts are updated.

For example, if you have promoted a product that is no longer available, replace the banner or link to that product with another similar one, in order to earn more money.

If some of the information you mentioned is outdated, you can update it so that it will continue to be useful to your reader.

Another option, which is to offer the person who enters the blog and older articles for reading, can be put into practice using a plugin that shows at the end of the article a list of the titles of articles similar to the one that the visitor of your site has just he read it.

Thus, the reader will gain, because he will find out more information about the topic that interests him, and you will increase the average time that people spend on your site. (In this regard I recommend you to use the free plugin here.)

The average time spent by people on a site, shows search engines whether a site has quality content and deserves to be in the first pages of results or not.

The time people spend on the site is one of the criteria by which Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines rank sites when looking for information with their help.

And a second reason why, the time people spend on your site is important, is this: depending on the length of time a person visits your site, you can tell if that person appreciates the information available to you on the site. and it helps.

For example, if you notice that the time spent on your site is very small, say 30 seconds, then it would be good to figure out what really upset your reader and caused him to leave the site, before you- you continue the work of creating content and promoting it online.

Don't forget to study articles on content creation and then start writing articles on your blog.

STEP 9: Get backlinks

I warmly recommend you read the article I wrote about how to build your backlinks to get to the first page in Google.

Yes, you read that right. In it you will find both strategies to build backlinks to your site and how to build them, to be liked by Google.

And yet why do that? Isn't it better to just write articles and that?

I completely agree that in the long term, updating the blog by writing new articles is the best strategy.

But wouldn't you want more people to find out more quickly about the existence of your blog?

I invite you to think of this whole aspect of getting backlinks as a promotion of yourself, of what you do, of your site.

Imagine the following 2 scenarios:

Get out on the street and start talking as much as you can about who you are, what you do and why you do that.
You go to various presentations and conferences where specialists gather from your niche, from the niches to which your blog is addressed.
Let's see what happens in each of these scenarios:

Scenario 1: Some people stop to listen to you, others hurry to get past you thinking you may have some head problems, and others just ignore you for the simple fact that ... what they have to do is more important than your trancaneal.

Scenario 2: Law conversations with people who are there for the same reason you came to: passion for that subject and desire to learn more. Being also your interlocutors interested in that thing is easy for you to start a conversation, and the conversations that begin are transformed into friendship.

Version 2 also happens in the online environment. And most of the time, this friendship relationship also comes with backlinks to the package. 🙂

Look at the creation of backlinks in this way and the idea of getting to the first page of Google using this strategy will become easier and more fun. 😉

Make money with blog

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