Foods to Remove Candidiasis

They are annoying and persistent, but do not despair: avoid sugars, strengthen defenses and choose antifungal foods. They will help you fight them.

Candidiasis Prevention from Foods

1. Garlic, natural antibiotic

It is an excellent ally against candida, the simplest known natural antibiotic that exists.

If you have intestinal candid, try to eat 2 raw garlic crushed every day.

2. Fresh oregano in pearls

It contains an essential oil with antifungal potential.

In the treatment of candidiasis it is used in pearls to take it daily or also fresh, incorporating it into the main meals.

3. Coconut oil, internal and external use

Among the infinity of good properties that it has for the organism, it acts fighting the growth of candid.

It is recommended both for cooking or dressing (1 tablespoon a day) and to put on the skin or rinse your mouth first thing in the morning.

4. Fresh ginger, great support

It contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal substances.

Although it is not the most potent antifungal in the group, it supports liver function while the body is detoxifying candida overgrowth.

Consume it every day grated in salad, in infusions or in juices and smoothies of fruits and vegetables.

5. Flax oil, anti-inflammatory

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential to combat the inflammatory process that can cause excess candida.

Take 2 tablespoons a day in raw, to dress.

6. Avocado, beneficial fat

It provides healthy fatty acids and various antioxidant substances (vitamin E and tocopherols) with the ability to combat these yeasts and their consequences in the body.

Eat half an avocado a day in the salad, in a guacamole or as mayonnaise.

7. Cinnamon powder, the antifungal spice

This spice has anti-inflammatory activity and added antifungal properties.

It is also shown to help regulate blood glucose levels.

Use 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day to sweeten a recipe.

8. Lemon, alkalizing and detox

Its juice is useful mainly because it is alkalizing.

The essential oil of the shell has mild antifungal properties.

Daily drink a liter of water with sea salt, the juice of a lemon and pieces of the peel.

9. Pumpkin seeds, help for the immune system

Its richness in magnesium and zinc, essential minerals for the proper functioning of the immune system, is very valuable.

Take 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds every day.

10. Turnip, antioxidants against candid

Together with other root vegetables, it's a source of slow-absorbing carbohydrates and rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins necessary to combat excess candid.

It also provides sulfur compounds that help the liver in the detoxification process.
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