Flu and its cure

Winter is approaching. Almost everyone starts to get infected with the cold and cold sore throats as winter approaches. Nausea is an infectious viral disease that attacks every winter in the winter months. It spreads rapidly and transmits to other people.

The disease spreads through the virus and attacks the respiratory system. The virus affects the entire respiratory system, including nose, throat, respiratory tract and lungs. Symptoms of colds appear suddenly and intensify. Excessive fatigue with fever is a symptom of cold sores. In addition, there can be severe pain in the body, especially in the legs and head.

Flu and its cure

Cold soreness begins with the onset of pain or shortly after the fever. Coughing causes the patient's chest to tighten and as the severity of the cold increases, the patient's cough starts to drain mucus. And saliva also increases in the mouth.

Sore throat can also cause sore throat and itching, making it difficult for the patient to eat and swallow.

Sore throat increases with the progression of colds. Some patients with this disease may also suffer from diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. These disorders are more affected in children than in adults. Vomiting causes water shortages in the patient's body, in which case water and salts are required to reach the body. Symptoms of diarrhea vary in different individuals.

There are some symptoms that should be taken immediately to the doctor when they appear, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, blue skin and lips, or severe body aches. In addition, the patient may experience severe cough and recurrent fever with drowsiness.

Within 24 to 72 hours after a nozzle can be infected, the patient can become a source of transmission to the virus.

In such a case, the patient should spend more time, because the germs also pass on to healthy people through their coughing, sneezing and talking fluids, and a place where the virus can be infected. , Even touching this place can transmit the virus.

People with diarrhea can be people of all ages. Some people recover quickly from a cold.
While for some people it can cause other illnesses and even prove fatal. Children under six months of age suffer from colds, pregnant women, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, diabetes, and lung diseases. Individuals suffering from heart disease or heart disease may suffer from various complications.

There is no specific cure for nausea, it can break down after three days.

People with this disease should not eat antibiotics, as eating them weakens the immune system and increases the chances of infection. Relaxing in the event of a flu. In this case, water and other drinks should be consumed more and more, so that the body gets more water.

Drinking more water reduces mucus. Healthy nutrients, such as dark green, orange and red fruits, etc., should be eaten to protect the body from winter illness and strengthen the body's immune system. In particular, eating pills containing zinc and zinc increases the immune system.

According to a study, people who exercise daily are less prone to nausea and recover better sooner.
In the cold season, you should immediately wash your hands and mouth after coughing or sneezing to protect yourself and other people from the cold virus. During this time, you should avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, as such Cleaning the computer, its keyboard, mouse, telephone, door handle and other common use items that are in use by more than one person should also be taken into consideration, Because viruses can stay on their surfaces for a long time.

Disease virus is one of the viruses whose forms change every year, so for complete protection, it must be vaccinated every year before the outbreak.

According to the World Health Organization, vaccine vaccine should be applied every year to people of any age who are particularly at risk of it. Long-term chest complaints or people with asthma, TB (TB) And people suffering from lung diseases, people arrested for kidney disease, and people suffering from a debilitating dysfunction of the body's immune system (such as cancer, liver disease, diabetes and cerebral palsy, etc.), pregnant women and It is very important for children from the age of 6 months to 5 years to get the vaccine.

Vulnerable people and those working in hospitals, clinic and laboratories, should also be vaccinated every year.
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